Playing with Power

and Gender through Dance

photo by Sin with ZigZag at Twisted Windows

photo by Sin with ZigZag at Twisted Windows

Explore conscious power play and gender through dance. Power dynamics are present all the time, kink is about making power dynamics exquisitely clear, creative, consensual, and passionate. We will deconstruct how being socialized as a woman or a man has shaped our desires and our beliefs about power and safety. Want to adventure into desires that are at the edge of your comfort with a compassionate and present companion? Curious about embodying your dominant energy or your submissive energy in the dance?

This workshop invites us to contribute to each others’ erotic courage, vulnerability, and playful expression so we can create more meaningful intimacy. You are free to discover and ask for what you really desire in a compassionate space that does not shame your wants. This is also an empowering space to say, “no,” strengthen your boundaries and voice them with certainty. We will learn how to create a culture of shame resilience, attune to our own eros and healthy limits, track the nervous system of a partner, distinguish who touch is for, and explore our gender expression.

You are welcome to come with a beloved with whom you desire to go deep or to come ready to make some new connections. Are you ready to play?!