Women’s Dance & Sexuality for the Soul

Oh! I’m soooo thrilled to offer a 6 month training for women. It will be starting in February and it will ripen us with the warming of the seasons. This will include biweekly private coaching sessions and six monthly group rituals. We will be learning the psychic anatomy of a woman, the alchemy of sexual energy, shamanic energy skills…

I am visioning it now and I’ve been so moved by hearing the things YOU want to learn. Some of what I’m hearing from you is here. I’ve created this post explicitly for the purpose of gathering your wishes. Please comment here what you would like!

  • movement that helps feeling safe and happy in the body

  • movement that leads to openess, agility, mobility and fluidity

  • movement that energizes, uplifts

  • movement that makes me feel alive vibrant and ecstatic

  • movement that is s delicious that i can’t help doing it every day !

  • movement that gets me in touch with my beauty and power and radiance

  • movement that makes me take the full space that is mine

  • movement that makes me express all that i am without fear or passive range !

  • movement that makes me naturally align with the innate wisdom and intelligence of my own body !

  • movement that doesn’t feel like exercise but instead organic language of my being!

How can I serve you?

Zahava Griss