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Do Kinky Things with Power: Erotic Resistance and the Dancing Body

Listen to this interview with Christos Galanis from Jan 23, 2019. He interviews me on using embodiment, ritual, and radical love to perform and educate on themes of racial and gender justice, sex and the erotic, and ways of de-colonizing our relations with pleasure, grief, and communal ethics. Enjoy our discussion as we weave through these topics, wondering on how things have come to be as they are, and what support for, and from, our sensual bodies can look like.


Interracial Relationship

Women are the cornerstone of community and spirituality, but when we begin to judge each other around interracial relationships we weaken the fabric of our unity. This is an invitation for us as a powerful feminine generation to look at how we have experienced other women’s judgment, and how we may also judge others specifically around this dynamic. Listen to the panel discussion hosted by Rev Goddess Charmaine with Teeni Dakini, Zahava Griss, Sokhna Heathrye Mabin, and Esi Wildcat, from April 13, 2016.


Love Making Dances: Spirit, Dance, & Sex with Zahava Griss

From age 2 to 22 dance teachers were the ones who taught Zahava to be in awe of the body. She joins us for a conversation about spirit, dance, and sex through the moving sensing body. Learn how intention, breath, and movement can transform emotions, presence us for meaningful intimacy, and connect us with a collective life force. Creating a felt sense of our power and self-knowledge can allow us to deconstruct the race, class, and gender messages directed at our bodies so we can embody self love independent of the ways society ranks us.  Listen to the interview with Dr. Martha Tara Lee here from Aug 6, 2015.

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Sacred Sexuality Interview by Rev. Jennifer Rogers on InspiraSoul

Listen to Zahava on InspiraSoul discussing her journey, how to create a self pleasuring practice, how to find a partner, and more… from Nov 2, 2013.

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Sexy Ancestry in Progress

Zahava Interviews 89 year old cousin, professional story teller, Roslyn Bresnick-Perry about sex as an elder. July 7, 2012 (Grandma and Dad were present during this recording, hence the laughter in the background.)


Tantra Cafe Features Zahava

Laurie Handlers, international tantra educator and author, interviews Zahava on the topic of tantra and power dynamics in society.  Dec 20, 2010.


Body and Soul Podcast Features Zahava

Eva Yaa Asantewaa, phenomenal dance journalist and spiritworker, features Zahava discussing dance as a spiritual path with the ability to transform the individual and society. Dec 19, 2008.