Waters of the Soul

A performance ritual for liberation

This is a ritual for liberation. It is the story of where I come from. It is a replacement for who “whiteness” tells me to be. It is my initiation into kink and my erotic truth. It is a way to remember my power even when I am not in control. It is a revolution that invites grief and orgasm to bring us home through the waters of the soul. This is a community ritual for liberation. After the performance ritual you are invited to share your questions and responses.

This solo show is created and performed by Z Griss with the incredible support of Heather Box, Tamilla Woodard, Molly Rose Williams, the Vital Signs Retreat, Sholanda Ingram, and many others!

This performance ritual premiered at the Harlem School of the Arts in New York City on Oct 20, 2017. Excerpts of it were featured by the Joe Goode Performance Group in the Feedback Program (April 28, 2018), Xplore Festival in Berlin, Washington DC, and Dark Odyssey in San Francisco.

Here’s what the audience is saying:

“Such control and abandon. Pinpoint precision… You let me into my own story by sharing yours.”

“The sensuality in your dance was striking. It wasn’t the sexpot dance we’ve normally had. This was real and this was yours.”

“Exploring with true innocence unfiltered and pure unadulterated with the view of societal expectation or judgement.”

“So much fun, pleasure, playfulness, warmth, acceptance, joy, reverence and irreverence together in holy nasty beautiful ecstatic union.”

“Complete admiration for the bravery to own sexuality so openly and with artistic commitment. There was freedom with this – an invitation to embrace and own our own experiences.”

“This piece drew me deeper into my body, into the desire to move, play and express myself.”