Coaching for Facilitators

photo by @altered.perspective

photo by @altered.perspective

You are called to create a world where

  • People are no longer disembodied looking at screens all day. We move beyond the fear, shame, and blame of the #metoo era and learn how to touch, love, move and play with each other.

  • We heal our bodies and our relationships. We express who we truly are and what we really want and we know we still belong.

  • We are informed by who has come before us, inspired by who is here now, and devoted to who will be coming.

  • Eros is sacred. When I say “eros” I mean our creative life force that dissolves our limitations and opens possibility… the natural part of us that shares joy, play, and the essence of who we really are.

  • We live in a new love culture that grounds our connection with the body and eros in social change.

Want to chat about working together?

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This is for you if

  • You teach dance, yoga, somatics, tantra, conscious sexuality, kink, or trauma resilience

  • You’re ready to liberate yourself and others by how we touch, love, move and play with each other

  • You already have some professional training on content you want to share

  • You are already earning money offering workshops

  • Now is the time to focus on mastery in your teaching and serving more people

  • You want to create meaningful income goals and reach them while contributing to people

You might not be offering your gifts fully yet because

  • You are struggling to earn money doing what you love

  • You don’t know how to communicate the essence of your work so the right people find you

  • You aren’t clear what’s next and how to focus on it consistently

  • You feel isolated

This is not for you if

  • You have not done any professional training yet in movement, sexuality, or somatics

  • You have not offered a workshop yet

  • You are seeking healing the past before focusing on what you are offering others next

  • You have not created the time to focus on mastering teaching and enrollment

  • You already have support creating and accomplishing financial goals through your soul work

  • You are already making the impact you want to make through your signature offering and not looking to grow the offering or reach more people

  • You already have a support system and community for your personal, professional, erotic, spiritual growth

  • You already have inclusivity practices and your community reflects the diversity you value

  • You already have ease and experience supporting gender non conforming people and people in nontraditional relationship models

Are we a fit? About me…

  • I’m gender transcendent (pronouns: they/them), kinky, and polyamorous. I know what it’s like to be something I didn’t know was possible as a kid. I love supporting facilitators like you to be something you didn't know was possible, to contribute something you didn't know was possible.

  • I know what’s it like to outgrow my offerings and identity and have the courage to expand them to accurately reflect what is true now. It’s my honor to support you to do the same.

  • I know how to stay in loving relationship with my family and friends even when who I am or what I offer may be new or challenging to them. I love supporting courageous facilitators like you to stop playing small and to love your people exactly as they are.

  • I’ve been facilitating dance and sexual empowerment for social change since 1999. I love sharing what I’ve learned from my mistakes so you don’t have to make the same mistakes.

  • I’m an innovator with a solid background in many trainings (Pilates teacher, Yoga teacher, meditation teacher, Esalen Massage Practitioner, Deep Bodywork Practitioner, Urban Tantra Practitioner, 30 years of professional training in ballet, modern, west african, and sufi dancemeditation.) I love supporting facilitators like you to create innovative work grounded in a solid foundation of training.

  • I know what it’s like to build a successful business that started as offerings on the side of my day job and now earn all my income from my soul work. I’m a graduate and guest facilitator at Move the Crowd, a business academy for change makers and cultural visionaries. I love sharing this entrepreneurial wisdom with facilitators like you. It breaks my heart to see so many embodied facilitators struggling with money when we need your leadership so much right now. Just imagine how much healing, trust, and intimacy can happen in our society when facilitators like you are thriving!

  • I’ve been learning in and co-facilitating spaces on undoing racism since 1999. I see the essential role of embodiment, loving relationships, and joy in healing oppression.

  • I started coaching in 2013, upon graduating as a Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. In 2016, I started training at the Academy for Coaching Excellence, one of the most rigorous coach trainings in the industry. I’ve been so inspired by the results of this coaching model that I’m currently training to be an ACE seminar leader. I consistently work with my own coach to continue building my skillset so I can best serve you.

Our time together includes:

12 sessions, 1 hour every 2 weeks, for 6 months

with email support between sessions


My 1-on-1 coaching practice is small so I can bring my highest level of support and focus to my clients. I only have space for 3 new clients in 2019, at $500/month. Investing in coaching is not just about money, it’s about choosing to focus your time and energy to transform your life. It’s about saying YES to having the life you came here to live, not “someday,” but NOW. It’s about saying YES to being supported as you take next steps.


Mon - Thurs, 12 - 5 pm pst

Want to work together?