Irene, Thank You

Irene has passed through this morning.  The birds came back to the trees around 11 am.  I watched a squirrel carry her tiny baby in her mouth as she ran up a tree to her nest.  The baby’s tail was no bigger than a green bean.  The mother perched at the edge of the nest watching me with quick breaths and swollen pink breasts.  I had witnessed her intimate act.  As we looked at each other, I sensed how similar we were protecting our Loved ones from the storm.

Irene, comes from Greek origin, meaning “Peace.”  The calmness of Sunday afternoon has been escalated in our attention.  We’ve stopped bracing ourselves, we can unpack our emergency bags.  She surrounds us, this incredible presence reminding us we are alive and safe.  The water in the glass jar on my kitchen cabinet looks precious today…our gratitude has been reset, and everything is registering as a gift.

Today I journey in my body.  I celebrate Irene’s gifts by clearing my midline and surging her magnificent power through my yoni, into the cave of my pelvis.  My belly is swelling with laughter and a sense of purpose: to Love.  In this moment I ask to experience all the deepest pleasures we as humans have shared with each other in orgasmic bliss, through out time.  This energy is here asking to be called upon!  She is as eager as I am to meet.  The trembling begins.  It is the physicality of awe.  But what strikes me most is the softness in here, the sweet embrace that lovers exchange after climaxing.  It is as if all these happy souls are embracing me through my own arms. It is the same LOVE energy and instinct of the mother squirrel carrying her loved one to safety.

Irene, I believe you have shaken some guards from our hearts today.  Our simple needs for food, water, light, shelter have brought a tenderness to our being.  You could have made heroes and mourners of us today.  But instead you have graced us with this curious calm afternoon.  Thank you.

Zahava Griss