Compassion, from an Aging Body

I’m aware after 38 years of dancing I’m past the prime of my physical abilities. I returned from my latest tour to attend yoga at my favorite home studio yesterday. My body responds differently after 10 days on tour, sitting on airplanes, adjusting time zones… As I stood at the front of the mat and closed my eyes I had a sweet moment of realizing that I am rebuilding strength, I am always tending to my body, my instrument, but I’ve already passed my peak. I’ve just visited my parents and I’m tenderly aware of aging and instead of feeling sad I started to sense something other than physical strength in my body. I started to sense this warm soft compassion in my body. I started to feel so incredibly grateful for the ride I have been on with my body. There was a sweetness in not back bending as far. There was a gentleness in not stretching as deep. I have not hit the peak of my compassion yet, it’s growing stronger now than ever. My body has been my greatest teacher for devotion, focus, resilience, healing… and now it is starting to teach me about savoring, aging, dying, limits and a whole new kind of love.

Zahava Griss