Who has access to a fulfilling sex life?


I had the recent pleasure of meeting Rachel Dwight, a radical self-love advocate and the founder of Validity – the first body-inclusive sex-gear store.  What is “body-inclusive?”  For years I have trained to teach yoga, Pilates, tantra, dance, and to give bodywork.  While I would like to feel confident in working with most bodies, connecting with Rachel made me aware of some of the blind spots in these professional embodiment trainings.  For Rachel “body-inclusive” means providing resources for people of all sizes, physical abilities, ages and anatomies to have great sex.

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We explore:

  • What is the role of healthy sexuality in social change?

  • How can I be more aware and inclusive as an educator, lover, or friend of people of all sizes and abilities? 

  • The creation of a new store that provides education, resources, and gear to a radically inclusive audience.  Check it out and support RespectOurSex.com!

Zahava Griss