Connection Points

I am discovering something I am now calling a “connection point.”  


One of my clients told me that the night after receiving bodywork from me, she experienced me working on her body throughout her entire dreamtime.  “That’s wonderful!” I said.  I’m noticing that the deep receptive place we drop into through Esalen massage often has “connection points” with our dreamtime.  The visions and experiences actually have a continuity when we drop in through activites like orgasm rituals, massage, dream, and meditation.  


I used to experience these visions in a random way.  But I am starting to experience a thruline between them.  I am noticing that my clients are as well.  For example, the same scene with the same people appears when I drop in through dream as it does when I drop in through a yoga posture.  It is becoming conjurable and more integrated with my conscious mind.


Yesterday while giving bodywork I started having flashes to dreams from several years ago.  After the session my client said that she was remembering dreams from several years ago as well.  It seems that we tapped into the same dream timing.


I am fascinated by these “connection points.”  My understanding of yoga is that the asanas originated from poses that people discovered while in meditation.  These became physical anchors for certain consciousness.  Similarly the “connection points” seem to be anchors for certain states of the psyche.


I am curious how many of us are having these experiences.  I’d love to hear what you’re noticing.  Today my client got off the table after I explored the landscape, mobility and energy of his being and said, “Zahava, if you were living in the 1700s you would be exploring the Amazon.  You are an adventurer.”  For me, today’s frontier is how we embody our soul and our love.  I am amazed at how vibrant and creative people become after receiving an hour or two of love through bodywork.  

Zahava Griss