Wombs are Source in Human Form

Returning from Ceremony with my sisters, I am overflowing with Gratitude.  On the snow dusted grass, at the edge of Lake Joseph, we gathered for 24 hours, a full moon and sun cycle to share our gifts.  The Shift has started.  Looking into each others eyes, harmonizing, shimmeying, storytelling, meditating, mmmm….and the kitchen, Goddess!  The kitchen overflowing with more delicious roots, berries, lentils, salads, chocolates, berries… than we could eat.  We have such gifts, our intution is ripe, our voices clear,  we are ready.  Our histories are blessing us more and more as we bring understanding and love to the same stories that used to torment us.  Thank you Queen GodIs for helping me hear this tonight.

I return home to my sex meditation under the orange waning moon.  Today I have heard stories from wombs ready to release traumas and energies no longer serving.  As I spread my legs, freshly bathed, I focus my mind on a pleasure prayer.

God, Goddess, may this pleasure spill up my spine and runneth over from my heart and breasts.  May the universe experience its deepest pleasures through my human form.  May this joy set the frequency for my life.  May this laughter and ecstasy cleanse me.  May this sex purify me and my Sisters.  May this fullness fill our holes.  Love, love is being made.  May we see love, hear love, be love.  I am making love out of the form that is my body.  Thank you Spirit, oh thank you for making us life creating.  Thank you for making us Life, creating.  This life force swelling in my yoni, in my third eye, may it widen the straw of our love.  May it awaken any parts of us that are not turned on, so we may be trully grateful for life.

I bow to the sex in me, it is Spirit, it is Creator of life, love, healing.  I am trembling.  Sex appeal is Life Appeal.  May my capacity to feel this full, this happy, this nourished expand in my life as it is now in my body.  Each inhale is opening me.  Sisters, our wombs are the Source of our Healing, our wombs are Source in human form.  These are the portals through which ancestry is brought onto the Earth, when we touch them with devotion we are touching Spirit.


Zahava Griss