Embody More Love

Come home

to your body

your eros

your path


I help change makers like you express your passion and partner with the wisdom of your body and eros to create the intimacy, social contribution, and culture you desire.

I serve

  • visionary thought leaders (who see a path from oppression to healthy creative vibrant communities)

  • sexuality professionals (educators, healers, artists, authors, sex workers, sacred kink practitioners)

  • wisdom keepers of the body (body workers, energy healers, yogis, dancers, tantra teachers)

  • people who want to create the relationships they love (including adventurers in gender, sexuality, kink, & liberating relationship models)

  • people transforming our culture from a white hetero-normative culture to one of humanity and love

I offer coaching, workshops, and performance ritual to

  • dismantle what race, gender, and class have taught you about yourself and others.

  • see who you really are and what you are here to contribute.

  • see your social location. Heal. Grieve. Love yourself and others with different social locations.

  • be informed by who has come before us, inspired by who is here now, and devoted to who will be coming.

  • come home to your body and eros. Become even more alive. Sense your vitality in this body on this Earth at this time.

  • see the power of eros and money as forms of energy that can be exchanged powerfully and purposefully.

  • do what you say you will do consistently with clarity, focus, ease, and grace.

Learn more about coaching and upcoming events.

Thank you for being here. Here is a gift for you.

I look forward to connecting with you.