Move Beyond Racism

Taking action doesn’t have to be overwhelming

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 Ever had some of these thoughts?

* Transforming racism is important to me, but I don’t know what to do next
* I don’t have the language to have these conversations
* I’m frustrated that other people “don’t get it yet” (and I wanna change that)
* I’m afraid of making a mistake, so I do nothing…
* “It’s too big for me, I can’t do enough”
* I’m exhausted by the emotional labor
* I don’t have the energy or time

This workshop is for you if you’re ready to transform the stories around race which have stood in the way of the impact you’d love to make. You will be invited to courageously observe how you have been seeing the situation up until now. Through dismantling the internal dialogue, you will create space to see how you would love to contribute. You will learn tools to foster communication that is empowering, recognize your own judgments about others and receive constructive feedback with grace. You will learn how to expand your creativity and resilience so we can shift from a culture of separation to a culture of interconnectedness.

Practicing these skills and tools will allow you to see new possibilities and clarify your vision for your community. This clarity will support you to take your next step with focus, ease and grace. You will also get to dance, sing, shake your booty and have some fun! This space calls forth the wisdom each person carries and recognizes we all have experience of being privileged and marginalized in different ways. While acknowledging our diverse and intersectional identities we will focus together on moving beyond racism.

Co-Facilitated by Mazin Jamal and Zahava Griss

MAZIN JAMAL (He/Him, They/Them) is a musician, dancer, community organizer, and coach. As the director of Holistic Underground and the Allied Leadership Training for Embodied Resilience (ALTER Program), he supports social and environmental impact leaders and teams to consistently embody their values in action. Mazin works with change makers in Sudan, Chile, US, Germany, and Egypt among others. Personally experiencing the limitations of activist burnout and thinking you’ve got it all figured out when we’ve all got learning to do, Mazin has dedicated his life to developing movements with integrity and resilience. - - @mazin.tarawa

ZAHAVA GRISS (aka Z, pronouns: They/Them) has been facilitating since 1999, with a focus on transforming our culture of intimacy and power. Z is a dancer, coach, kink educator, and author who deconstructs race, gender, and sexual norms so we can express our truth and create the relationships we love. Z is the director of Do Good Things with Power, a leadership immersion for facilitators transforming our culture of intimacy and power.