Honoring the Sexual Priestess

On Wednesday, Nov 16, we gathered for a beautiful ritual Sister’s Honoring the Sexual Priestess.  The conversations in preparation, post class and the mornings after have been tremendous.  I was excited to hear men wanting to create a men’s circle to honor the Sexual Priestess and inquiring of the template of our ritual as a point of reference.  A dear psychic friend has been downloading intuitive information very similar to myself and what I keep learning through this process is the communal nature of how the Sexual Priestess is sharing her love and wisdom through so many of us today.  When we gather the clarity of this healing amplifies!

Many of you have asked for details and recordings.  While I did not choose to film our ritual I’d love to share some pieces of it here and look forward to sharing the next one with you.

We entered a saged and cedared room to cast a circle with our intentions.  I lead a womb and breast centered dance meditation drawing us deep into our physical bodies and the Earth body.  This allows us to connect with the spirit realm and intuitive downloads heightened by the group matrix in a way that grounds our wisdom and integrates it into the physical plane.  Together we created a beautiful altar over a plush velvet shall.  Each woman made a creative offering to the Sexual Priestess through songs, sacred plants, drawings, texts from contemporary Priestesses and a gorgeous painting.

One of my favorite parts of the night was a beauty adorning ritual.  Each woman became encircled, honored, caressed with our hands and devotion through our gaze as we expressed the love and reverence we feel for the Sexual Priestess through the woman’s body.  I experienced it as a decorating of her body, through energy and intention, just as intricate as laying rose petals and jewels.

From this fully present and love filled space we entered an inquiry, sharing a question we are living in right now as we connect to this archetype.

The question present for me, “How do I connect people to the consciousness of the Sexual Priestess and not just my embodiment of her, not just my body?”

Thank you for being in this inquiry with me and for all your loving support and curiosity.  I am creating a performance piece to communicate how much the Sexual Priestess archetype enhances the spiritual pleasure we can give and receive with each other.  I look forward to sharing more rituals with you as I develop this artistic offering.

Zahava Griss